The Florida Panhandle, from Panama City to Jacksonville IS ABORTION FREE!


I cannot tell you how excited I am about the latest in prolife news! See the following email I received from a dear friend in the prolife movement:

  “ I have to share with all of you some very special news.  I got a call from L.M. (Name disguised for privacy) that M.M. read in the Legal notices; the local Abortion Clinic (in Tallahassee) was closing at the end of the month. “

This means that the Florida Panhandle, from Panama City to Jacksonville is officially ABORTION FREE by the end of the month! Friends, thousands of beautiful children will be given the opportunity to experience LIFE and thousands of mothers will have the opportunity to bring life into existence with real SUPPORT from the women’s clinics in that area. Women in that area will no longer be plagued by the anti feminist assertion that women can’t have babies unless they are white (more black babies now die from abortion than are born), unless they planned them, have enough money for them, got an education before they had them, have a man in their life that will take care of them while they have them, have health insurance, etc. Women are now being empowered. What a beautiful testimony to the prayers and hard work of those working in the pro-life movement in that area!

In many ways Americans regard the Bible belt as “backwards” or filled with uneducated hillbillies who don’t know anything about the world. However it is a testimony to their faith and intelligent recognition of the value of human life (and a testimony to their refusal to ignore what SCIENCE has to say about it, as many “educated” people have done) that they are now the FORERUNNERS in the fight for equal rights to life for all!

My friends, the Florida Panhandle (well, most of it anyway) can now be regarded as a safe place for all children to be born. Praise the Lord!

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