Janelle’s Book

“I was at the retreat in Lakeland a few weeks ago, and I bought your book and T-shirt. I absolutely LOVED the book and I’ve sharred (sic) it with two of my friends and they loved it as well! I had no idea how important abstinence was. It really taught me about self worth. The message couldn’t have come at a more perfect time and I just want you to know, hearing you speak has changed my life forever.”

– High School Student


When I was nineteen and living at the University of Tampa, I was struck by how many of my peers had never heard of the concept of abstinence before.  So, I decided to do something about it. This book is a result of that decision.

I wrote Confessions of a Pure Heart as an open letter to my friends at that age. With that being said, this book is ideal for girls between fourteen and twenty.  If you want to give it to someone younger, please have their parent or guardian read it beforehand.  Young adults of both sexes will absolutely enjoy it as well, and are encouraged to read it- as are parents, teachers, youth ministers, and any other person who interacts with young people.

This small ministry has been dedicated to St. Philomena, who guarded her purity so well, and is an example to all of a fervent love for God despite her short life.  May God tenderly bless each and everyone of you, always.


In Christ,


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    • Hey Tori! You can message me on Facebook, which is linked on the “About Janelle” page… I don’t give out my email unless I know your a real person for security reasons! Thanks!

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